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Writing for kids about queer topics, writing for queer kids, reading as a queer kid, reading as a queer to kids: this panel covers the gamut of where queerness and childhood meet. Authors, readers, and activists share their experiences.

Pat Parker/Vito Russo Library


Queer Women Writers Bloom Now and In the Future

Queer womyn writers and literary curators of color, all members of Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon, on the importance of curating and supporting queer literary spaces. This interactive panel of queer writers and literary organizers will discuss their community activism in the literary community, including the importance of centering queer/lgbtq writers and artists both now and in the future. Each writer will also share an excerpt of their own powerful literary work.

r.erica doyle

María Fernanda

JP Howard

Nicole Shawan Junior

Bureau of General Services Queer Division



Richard Meyer in conversation with Boris Torres and Marlene McCarty

Richard Meyer, co-author of Art & Queer Culture, a survey of artwork about the culture of sexual identity from the last 125 years, will be in conversation with two of the artists featured in the book

Room 302


BOOK IT! Poetry, fiction and the future of lgbt letters. 

Felice Picano in conversation with Trebor Healey and Jerome Ellison Murphy

Room 302


Queer & Trans Zine Reading: NYC Feminist Zinefest @ Bureau of General Services — Queer Division

NYC-based zine and comics creators – – JB Brager (My Gender is Saturn Return), Cassandra Leveille, J Hansen (Queerly Sober), Quinn Milton (The Pope is Trans), & more – – will read from their work, a spectacle of queer visions and reckless imagination.

Bureau of General Services Queer Division