We’re proud to host these fabulous exhibitors for the 10th Rainbow Book Fair:



Archer Publishing

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.12.32 PM.png

Archer Publishing is the publishing imprint of LGBT media company Archer Media Networks. The house was originally founded as Three Kings Omnimedia in 1999 and was rebranded as Archer Publishing in 2012. The imprint concentrates on various genres of interest to the LGBT and mainstream communities, including fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, horror, mystery/detective, cooking, and self-help. Archer Publishing titles can be found in paperback and ebook formats.



Astonishing Queer Tales



Astonishing Queer Tales was started by cartoonist and queer activist John Jennison who has created such works as Geeks OUT Presents: Power An Anthology of Queer Creators, If Dinosaurs Were Sexy They Wouldn’t be Extinct, Permanent Person and Crisis of Infinite Cells.
John’s newest book THE CLOSET OF SECRETS #1 is a horror anthology that focuses on queer issues.  Join the narrator who goes by only the name “The Janitor”, as he cleans out his huge hallway of closets and dishes about some pretty interesting secrets found along the way.

Beautiful Dreamers & Co.


Beautiful Dreamer Press is interested in exploring the boundaries and interconnections between subjects and forms, present issues and historical precedents, dream and reality. We have published novels featuring the gay experience in rural America, young adults seeking mature gay mentors, a roman à clef with a heart, a witty satire based on E. M. Forster’s A Room with a View, and an anthology inspired by photographs of gay go-go boys. In short, new perspectives on the LGBT experience, familiar topics from new and established authors presented in unusual ways. We are just beginning to wake the dreamers.


Belhue Press

Belhue Press

Award-winning poet, playwright, author and gay-rights pioneer Perry Brass has published 19 books through Belhue Press, including poetry, novels, short fiction, science fiction, and advice books (“How to Survive Your Own Gay Life,” “The Manly Art of Seduction,” “The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love”).  He has been a finalist for a Ferro-Grumley Award and a 6 time-finalist for Lambda Literary Awards; he has won 5 IPPY Awards and other literary awards.  He is a founding coordinator of The Rainbow Book Fair.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Nicholas Benton

NICHOLAS BENTON has just published his latest book, “Gay Men in the Feminist Revolution: Articles, Pamphlets & Reflections on My Gay Activist Days in San Francisco, 1969-1972,” (BCI Books, 2019, 197 pages), which is fairly described by its title. Part One is composed of various reflections on those early days and Part Two is a generous selection of original works from that time that provide valuable content and texture to the issues as they were being fought out within the LGBTQ community then. Benton is also the author of “Extraordinary Hearts, Reclaiming Gay Sensibility’s Central Role in the Progress of Civilization” (Lethe Press, 2015, 340 pages) a compilation of 100 weekly columns about which Larry Kramer wrote, “A vital moral book about who we are and who we should be. I admire it and its editor enormously.” www.nfbenton.com.

Bold Strokes Books


Bold Strokes Books offers a diverse collection of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer general and genre fiction. Our fiction includes romance, mystery/intrigue, crime, erotica, speculative fic (sci-fi/fantasy/horror), general fiction, and young adult. Since its inception in 2004, our mission has remained unchanged: to bring quality queer fiction to readers worldwide and to support committed authors in developing their craft and reaching an ever-growing community of readers via print, digital, and audio formats.



Books on: Trans sex, trans partners and trans theory


SJ_DM_Book Ad.jpg

The Reflective Workshop for Partners of Transgender People: Your Transition as Your Partner Transitions by D. M. Maynard, is the first workbook about and for partners of trans people, which is full of practical advice and exercises specifically designed to help the partners of those in transition or questioning their gender process their inner voice and navigate their own journey that can be used either by the partner alone as a personal way to journal their own experience or as a tool when working with a therapist. Sex, Sexuality & Trans Identities is a specialist guide for mental health professionals that is intended to inform and deepen their clinical work with trans clients related to relationships and sexuality. An edited volume featuring experienced clinicians, educators, and theorists, it provides a thorough and interdisciplinary exploration of the subject. And Theorizing Transgender Identity for Clinical Practice by S.J Langer develops a new theory of gender and offers clinical insights for working with TGNB people in psychotherapy.


Browderbooks is featuring Clifford Browder’s novel The Pleasuring of Men, about a respectably raised young man who in the late 1860s chooses to become a male prostitute servicing the city’s elite, and falls in love with his most difficult client. Gay romance, historical. Also featured is Browder’s nonfiction title, Fascinating New Yorkers, biographical sketches that include a cardinal archbishop known in certain circles as “Franny,” and attack-dog lawyer Roy Cohn, whose clients included Donald Trump, assorted mobsters, and the Catholic archdiocese of New York. Also other books. Stay proud and read.

 The Center Library


Founded in 1991 to encourage and facilitate the reading and research of LGBT literature, the Pat Parker/Vito Russo Center Library is named in honor of individuals who championed LGBT causes in their professional and personal lives.  The Center Library is a lending library connected with others around the city, sponsor of a monthly reading group, and producer and/or collaborator for literary events of interest to the LGBT community.

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The Center for LGBTQ Studies (CLAGS) was founded in 1991 as the first university-based research center in the United States dedicated to the study of historical, cultural, and political issues of vital concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and communities. By sponsoring public programs and conferences, offering fellowships to individual scholars, and functioning as an indispensable conduit of information, CLAGS serves as a national center for the promotion of scholarship that fosters social change.

CLAGS’s efforts to promote an academy where homophobia, sexism, racism, and classism are studied and not enacted depend on the generosity of our members. The basic membership rate of $40 ($20 for students or individuals with limited income) includes advanced notification of all public events and a subscription to our biannual newsletter. Members also receive free admission to all CLAGS conferences. CLAGS makes its home at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Darrell’s Attic


Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 10.20.50 PM.png

Darrell’s Attic is a cornucopia of items collected by Darrell of Darrell’s Dungeon. The Attic is a source of antique porn and vintage male erotica, books, music, and magazines culled and organized by an expert. The Rainbow Book Fair will have much of the print material available, but the website, darrellsattic.com is an online flea market, a hub of merchandise old & new, including objet d’art, silverware, barware, fetish clothing, and collectibles. Darrell’s Attic has been in operation in New York City since 2000.

Website | DarrellsDungeon.com | Facebook

Terence Diamond

Terence is an Irish citizen, storyteller and playwright, arts critic, and experimental novelist in New York City. He is the author of many trans and queer themed plays, short fiction and a full-length work of experimental narrative, Big Pink Meat. An excerpt, “Tomboy of the Western World” was anthologized in Topside Press’ Lambda Award winning The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard. His play, Hans My Hermaphroditic Hedgehog premiered at the WOW Café Theater, October 2016. Terence is a current member of the Dramatists Guild, a former assistant professor of English at Long Island University, and writes grant for non-profit arts organizations. See more of Terence’s writing at https://www.terencediamond.com

Drag Queen Story Hour

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 11.24.01 AM.png

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is just what it sounds like—drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores. DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.

Website | Facebook |Twitter| Instagram


Chiké Frankie Edozien

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria Edozien learned to read from the newspapers his father
brought home daily. He grew up to become and ink-stain scribbler telling the stories of
others in service of a greater good. Edozien currently teaches journalism at New York
University. Prior to that he was an award winning metro reporter in New York City. His
work has also appeared in The New York Times, Quartz, Time Magazine, The Times
(UK) GlobalPost, Out Traveler, Edge, Colorlines, Vibe Magazine, the New York
Amsterdam News, the Advocate and more. He is a contributor to the 2016
Commonwealth Writers anthology, Safe House: Explorations in Creative Nonfiction and
in 2017 his ‘Last night in Asaba’ was published by Jalada Africa/Transitions. It was
shortlisted for the 2019 Gerald Kraak Award as was his “Shea Prince” which was a
finalist for the same award in 2018. He is the author of the groundbreaking memoir
‘Lives of Great Men:’ Living & Loving As An African Gay Man which won the 2018
Lambda Literary award for biography/memoir.





EOAGH is dedicated to the idea of reading as a process, the productive chaos of investigative poetic work. We seek to foreground the writing of experimental women, trans, feminist, transfeminist, POC, anti-racist, and LGBT/queer authors.

Website  | Facebook | Twitter

Flight Attendant Joe


flightattendantjoe-logo (1)


Joe Thomas is a writer, comedian, flight attendant, podcaster, and the creator of the blog, Flight Attendant Joe. He is the author of “Fasten Your Seat Belts And Eat Your F&cking Nuts,” “Flight Attendant Joe,” and “I’m Just Here For The Layovers.” Joe recently co-hosted the first two seasons of the adult comedy podcast, Confessions On The Fly with LJ and Flight Attendant Joe. You can also watch him on Vice Media in, How To Treat Flight Attendants, According To Flight Attendants. Joe resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his husband Matt.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Flower Beneath the Foot Press

We are reissuing the mimeo book “Minette:Recollections of a Part-time Lady”and also”Stonewall Romances”and”Don The Burp”by Ray Dobbins.



Gay and Lesbian Review


The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide is a bimonthly magazine of history, culture, and politics targeting an educated readership of GLBT men and women that publishes essays in a wide range of disciplines as well as reviews of books, movies, and plays, poetry and more. Earlier this year, it published a book, In Search of Stonewall, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, and in commemoration of the Stonewall riots. Copies will be available for sale and free with any new subscription or renewal!

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Igna Books


IGNA Books was one of the first gay presses, founded in 1978.



Gregory Kramer

Gregory Kramer bannerGregory Kramer is a photographer based in New York City. In 2017 Gregory published his first book DRAGS which documents NYC Drag scene in classical black and white portraiture. His current project DOWNTOWN is a printed photo series, documenting working artists from New York City’s downtown scene. The publication is a large newsprint tabloid, the collection features burlesque performers, comedians, drag queens, cabaret singers, performance artists, writers, activists, costume designers, and artists.

Website | Facebook |Instagram

Jason Haaf


“Locked Up Boy” is an art diary, written by Jason Haaf and transcribed and illustrated by artist Zach Grear.  A reflection of relationships, sex, dreams, the past and the future, “Locked Up Boy” invites the reader to engage.  A voyeuristic experience. An intimate experience. An experimental experience. A Queer Experience.

Helikon Press



Helikon Press is a publisher of British and American poets in the classical tradition, including the great gay poet Thom Gunn and the Scots balladeer Helen Adam. It also is the Distributor for the classic memoir of childhood in war Manila, Goodbye by the late Helikon editor Robin Prising–and it will be selling the coming of age novel by the gay Canadian novelist David Tacium Taking Down the Golden Boy.

Hans M. Hirschi


Hans M Hirschi has been writing stories since childhood. As an adult, the demands of corporate life put an end to his fiction for more than twenty years.

A global executive in training, he has traveled the world and published several non-fiction titles as well as well-received and best-selling novels. The birth of his son provided him with the opportunity to rekindle his love of creative writing, where he expresses his deep passion for a better world through love and tolerance.

Hans lives with his family on a small island off the west coast of Sweden.

Visit Hans online at: www.hirschi.se

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Harrington Park Press


Harrington Park Press is distributed internationally by Columbia University Press to the library, retail and institutional markets around the world.
Our Press publishes LGBTQ monographs, textbooks and professional handbooks. All have interest/relevance to both the academic and the non-academic communities concerned with public policy and professional practice related to sexual orientation and gender identification.

We focus on introductory and graduate level textbooks in LGBTQ studies, as well
as practitioner handbooks and selected scholarly monographs. Our focus areas are the behavioral & social sciences, health care, and history.

Harrington Park Press was previously the LGBTQ imprint of The Haworth Press (now part of the Taylor & Francis Group/Routledge). 

Hellfire Press


Efrain John Gonzalez is a photographic artist whose talents with camera and darkroom, has allowed him to document the unusual, the erotic, the unique, the wild and slightly crazy, from the world of body modifications to the underground universe of radical S&M, from sensual beauty of the flesh, to raw sexual desires. An internationally published photographer who for the past 35 years has been traveling down dark and mysterious paths, trying to capture on film, real life images that illustrates a story of people finding the path to their souls, gathering together to celebrate their uncommon lives. His patience has created a rare historical archive of original work, candid photographs of underground clubs, transgender people, tattoo and body modification events, cities at night, and leather cultures.




Created by Brooklyn artist J. Morrison in 2010, HOMOCATS is a visual art project appropriating the modern popularity of the feline.

We aim to fight phobias, propose equal rights, combat cultural stereotypes, challenge social norms, and resist Trump.

Website | Instagram

International Women Artists’ Salon

The International Women Artists’ Salon is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural organization of women making art in the world today. Our aim is to bring art by women to the fore of the art world and local communities through exhibitions and events, exchanges, regular salon style gatherings, and an online forum for members and interested parties.

Lambda Literary


lambda_literary logo stacked.png

Lambda Literary believes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer literature is fundamental to the preservation of our culture, and that LGBTQ lives are affirmed when our stories are written, published and read.  


Barry Stewart Levy


Book Cover

A young man travels to the South of France to escape his troubled past in this intriguing psychological tale of obsession, revenge and redemption.

Saul Lyons


Saul Lyons will be selling signed copies of his book “Lyons Men 2017-2019”, which is a book of graphite and charcoal drawings.  Mr. Lyons is an artist based out of New York City and New Hope, PA.  His artwork, which often focuses on gay men and LGBT themes, has been featured in several magazines and he is currently represented by galleries in the USA, Canada and Germany.


The New York Times/PRIDE

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 3.47.10 PM.png

NYT logo.jpg

Here, collected for the first time by The New York Times, is a powerful visual history of five decades of parades and protests of the LGBTQ rights movement. These photos, paired with descriptions of major events from each decade as well as selected reporting from The Times, showcase the victories, setbacks, and ongoing struggles for the LGBTQ community.


J.D. Oldenburg


Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 10.32.50 PM.png

Horatio In The Wind is the story of a boy who gives everlasting life to his Kingdom, only to discover life without death is not what he expected. He must find the courage to restore balance.

Other Countries

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.55.29 PM.png

Other Countries is a not-for-profit organization formed by a collective of black gay male writers organized with the purpose to develop, promote, and cultivate literary, cultural, and social endeavors and pursuits relevant to the experience of black queer and trans people. These goals are achieved through publishing, live performances, guided writing and educational workshops, and outreach to underserved communities.

Poets Wear Prada

pwp logo large 300 dpi for boog.png

Have you had your poetry today?  Get your brain fuel for Poets Wear Prada.
Publishing beautifully designed volumes of well-crafted poetry — and now fiction — you want to read, since October 2006 from Hoboken, New Jersey, birthplace of Frank Sinatra and professional baseball.
Roxanne Hoffman, founder of PWP, co-curated the Rainbow Reading at the Pisces Cafe, a LGBT reading series based in Babylon, New York, with Kevin Wisher. She also has assisted in curating poetry events for Fresh Fruit Festival, and PWP  published “Pears, Prose and Poetry: Anthology of the 9th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival Poetry Event” in 2011.

Primary Stages



Primary Stages is an Off-Broadway theater company dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and sharing the art of playwriting. To kick off our 35th Anniversary Season, we are proud to present Clarence Coo’s world premiere, On That Day in Amsterdam, directed by Kareem Fahmy. In a time when your fate is determined by your passport, Coo’s deeply arresting play captures a transient moment of magic. The morning after a one-night stand, a refugee from the Middle East wakes up next to an American backpacker who is himself the son of immigrants. With only a day until the two young men must each leave Amsterdam, they set off on a romantic journey through the city. Moved by the spirits of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Anne Frank, On That Day in Amsterdam witnesses these two young dreamers count down their remaining hours together, discovering the meaning of art, love, and loss. October 29 – December 18 at the Cherry Lane Theatre. 

Crisperanto: The Quentin Crisp Archives

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 9.22.21 PM.png

The mission of The Quentin Crisp Archives is to preserve and maintain the manuscripts, letters, recordings, artwork by and about, and various artifacts and ephemera related to the life and legend of Quentin Crisp, and to promote his philosophy of individuality, self-acceptance, and tolerance.

Qommunicate Publishing


Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 10.42.37 AM.png

Qommunicate Publishing, queer publisher, is dedicated to giving voice to the margins. We publish work written by & about the LGBTQ+ community, currently through themed anthologies featuring the fiction, non-fiction, poetry and scripts of writers and artists from around the world.




RepurposeU creates inclusive stories workbooks and curriculum resources to create a kinder, more inclusive environment for students inside and beyond the classroom. Their How Mischief Changed the World series uses the stories of a non-binary hero to teach social emotional learning and non-binary thinking to kids ages 4 and up.

Resources include a social emotional skills workbook, an interactive story and coloring book and various resources and worksheets for educators.


Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.36.10 PM

A queer country journal for gay folk everywhere.”

RFD, begun in 1974, is the oldest reader contributor queer zine in the country in continuous publication. It is a volunteer based work of love exploring and showcasing nascent queer culture, writing and artwork as it happens – for the creators create our content. FYI – RFD never means Radical Faerie Digest – subscribe and be surprised how the acronym changes which each edition.



Riverdale Avenue Books


Riverdale Avenue Books is an award winning, innovative hybrid publisher at the leading edge of the changes in the publishing industry.  We publish e-books, print, and audio books under 11 imprints: Desire, an erotica/erotic romance imprint; Riverdale/Magnus the award-winning imprint of LGBT titles; Pop featuring pop culture titles; Afraid, a horror line; SFF, a science fiction fantasy line; Truth, an erotic memoir line; Dagger, a mystery thriller imprint; Sports and Gaming featuring sports and gaming titles; Verve featuring lifestyle titles; and Hera featuring both the true and fictional lives and loves of women aged 35 and up.  Started in 2012 by industry veteran Lori Perkins, Riverdale is a full service publisher, with a foreign rights and film agency department.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Rutgers University Press

Rutgers University Press is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students, and the general reading public. The Press reflects and extends the University’s core mission of research, instruction, and service. We enhance the work of our authors through exceptional publications that shape critical issues, spark debate, and enrich teaching throughout the world for a wide range of readers.

Sez Me

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 11.27.18 AM.png


Sez Me began as an LGBT web series for kids and evolved into a multidisciplinary educational program for all ages. Created by animator Mor Erlich, and hosted by Jeff Marras AKA Charmin Ultra, Sez Me captures unscripted interviews with children from all backgrounds.

Website |Facebook|Instagram|YouTube

Sibling Rivalry Press

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 5.10.13 PM

Founded in 2010 by poet Bryan Borland, Sibling Rivalry Press changed the literary landscape in the last decade by daring to be the first publisher to take chances on rising (now flying) voices such as Ocean Vuong, Saeed Jones, and Kaveh Akbar. We signed authors who had broken down doors in the 80s and 90s but who’d been forgotten or ignored by the literary establishment, a generation of gay men who’d written during a time when to publish with one’s real name was dangerous. We wanted our ages to be diverse, our faces to be diverse, and our accents to be diverse. We reached into the midwest and south and built bridges between the American coasts, successfully proving that, while we love our shining cities to the east and west, the dirt from middle America grows some fierce flowers.

Sibling Rivalry Press authors have gone on to win such prestigious prizes as the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship, the Whiting Award, and the T.S. Eliot Prize. In our first ten years, we became the first press, large or small, to win Lambda Literary Awards in both Gay Poetry and Lesbian Poetry. We’ve published Poets & Writers Top Debut Fiction, a Poets & Writers Top 12 Debut Poet, a Pushcart Prize winner, eight Lambda Literary Award finalists, three Publishing Triangle Award finalists, 29 American Library Association “Over the Rainbow” recommended LGBT titles, four American Library Association “Over the Rainbow” top 10 favorite picks, “a book all Georgian’s should read” as selected by the Georgia Center for the Book, one of Library Journal‘s “Best New Magazines,” one of Flavorwire‘s “50 books that define the last five years of literature,” and finalists for the Bisexual Poetry Book of the Year, the Oregon Book of the Year, the Oklahoma Book of the Year, and the Georgia Book of the Year.

Sinister Wisdom

Sinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary & art journal that publishes four issues each year. Publishing since 1976, Sinister Wisdom works to create a multicultural, multi-class lesbian space. Sinister Wisdom seeks to open, consider and advance the exploration of lesbian community issues. Sinister Wisdom recognizes the power of language to reflect our diverse experiences and to enhance our ability to develop critical judgment as lesbians evaluating our community and our world.

Sinister Wisdom, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that publishes the journal and provides outreach and educational programs in support of building vibrant lesbian communities. Sinister Wisdom provide free subscriptions to women in prison and mental institutions; currently, Sinister Wisdom mails about fifteen percent (15%) of each issue of the journal to women in prison and mental institutions. Sinister Wisdom offers reduced price subscriptions for lesbians with limited/fixed incomes.

Dr. Patrick J. Suraci

Patrick Suraci is a clinical psychologist in Manhattan. He is a founding member of the Gay Officers Action League (GOAL). He is also the author of “MALE SEXUAL ARMOR:Erotic Fantasies and Sexual Realities of the Cop on the Beat an the Man in the Street,” and “SYBIL in Her Own Words: The Untold Story of Shirley Mason, Her Multiple Personalities, and Paintings.” His current novel, “A Dream Life: From the U.S. Army During the Berlin Crisis to the Spectacle of Hollywood and the Height of Broadway” is based on true incidents that happened in the U.S. Army in Germany during the Berlin Crisis.


Lisa K. Stephenson

Lisa K logo.png

Lisa K. Stephenson is both a fiction and non-fiction author writing books for Black Women and is among the top Black Female Authors of our generation. Lisa is also the founder and Chairman of the Board for the Cyber Greek Organization: A Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Lisa hosts seminars, authors self help relationship books, hosts workshops and podcasts in which she brings a powerful message to women, ‘How to Have it All: Independence and Healthy Intimacy.’

Lisa is the author of the book, Love Smart, Love Independently. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @lisak.stephenson for more information and to subscribe to her book club. Each month you can enter one of our giveaways for your chance to win free tickets to the #TIMW seminar. www.lisakstephenson.com

Three Rooms Press



Three Rooms Press is a fierce New York-based independent publisher inspired by dada, punk, and passion.  Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019, it serves as a leading independent publisher of cut-the-edge creative, including fiction, memoir, poetry translations, drama and art. Three Rooms Press books are distributed in North America and internationally by PGW / Ingram.

Website | Facebook | Twitter




Tubstrip Cover

Tubstrip, a risqué comedy set in a gay bathhouse, was a popular success when produced onstage in 1973, in the era of gay liberation and the sexual revolution. Often dismissed by mainstream critics but hailed as “funny, sexy, and important” by the gay press, the play ran for 140 performances off-Broadway, then toured to eight cities over nine months, and returned to Broadway starring the legendary adult film star Casey Donovan in the lead role. Despite its unprecedented success and acclaim, Tubstrip was never published. Until now. 

Playwright, director, and award-winning porn auteur Jerry Douglas will be present to sign copies of the Chelsea Station Editions publication of his play, joined by theatre scholar Jordan Schildcrout, who “rediscovered” the play and edited its debut publication.




The Juliana Series is a series of novels about LGBT history beginning in 1941 with plans to take it through to the 2000s. The characters are fictional, but the history is fact.  Extremely well researched.

An Absolutely Beautiful and Moving Novel! is what Philip Crawford, author of Mafia and the Gays had to say about Book 1.” 


Laura Westergard


Laura Westengard is an Associate Professor of English at the City University of New York. She is the author of Gothic Queer Culture: Marginalized Communities and the Ghosts of Insidious Trauma and co-editor of The 25 Sitcoms that Changed Television: Turning Points in American Culture, a collection that explores American culture after 1945 through the analysis of television sitcoms and their cultural resonances. She writes about popular culture, performance art, and contemporary U.S. literature and is currently researching medical archives for an upcoming book on lesser known 19th and early 20th century medical devices that have shaped contemporary understandings of gender and sexuality.


L.A. Witt


L.A. Witt (she/her) writes LGBT romance and suspense, and also writes as Ann Gallagher, Lauren Gallagher, and Lori A. Witt.

Website | Instagram |Twitter