From Poetry to Prose & Back     1:00-2:15     Renaissance Room A

Moderated by Perry Brass, with
Lesléa Newman, Trebor Healey, Alfred Corn, and Rigoberto Gonzalez

New Trans Fiction    1:00-2:15     Renaissance Room C
The latest from America’s transgender underground
Moderated by Tom Leger, with
Imogen BinnieRyka Aoki,
and Terence Diamond

Queer Asian-American Writers    2:30-3:45     Renaissance Room C
Up front and emerging
Moderated by Sarah Chinn
Ocean Vuong, Viet Dinh,
and Jai Sen

Queer Sleuths    4:00-5:15     Renaissance Room C
Moderated by queer lit superblogger Amos Lassen, with
Joel Gomez-Dossi, Daniel W. Kelly, 
Jesse J. Thoma, Rob Byrnes and
Marshall Thornton



Details to be announce soon.

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