Exhibitors 2012

AllMale Romance

All Male Romance allmaleromance.com is “a small ‘commumity’ of writers with one thing in common: We love gay romantic fiction.” It is a website “dedicated to bringing readers of m/m romantic fiction together with the authors they love!!”.    Table A8 ...SPONSOR—  

Art From The Heart FilmsArt From The Heart Films www.ArtFromTheHeartnyc.org is best known for its Edu-Tainment / Docu-Feature films, and brings the spotlight to the artistic communities. We lectures artistic and social empowerment, HIV/AIDS education and awareness, and promote natural artistic progression. By producing DVD videos and releasing the highlights to the public, the LGBT & disabled artistic communities reach their full marketing potential. As a result, the DVD becomes a helpful outreach, promotion and fundraising tool. We partner with educational & cultural institutions, community based organizations, grass-root alternative & mainstream media, and we reach our audience through film festivals worldwide, live performances, lectures, the internet and retail distribution. How Do I Look, documentary USA 2006
 won a Humanitarian award for documenting the history of the trend setting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Harlem Drag Ball community, the originators of the “Voguing” dance. Flow Affair, documentary USA 2011 the evolution of flag dancing, a westernized spiritual tribal dance, featuring the flag, fan, poi and the new dance, floguing. An inside look into the flow arts movement in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago, the originators of the “Flagging” dance. A True Lesson In Humanity, documentary USA 2009 
the first Color Guard documentary about people with disabilities in the performing arts from the Fort Lauderdale area, showcasing the abilities rather than the disabilities.
   Table B23

Artemis SmithArtemisSmith—The Savant Garde Institute www.ArtemisSmith.com A contemporary of Andy Warhol and prominent strategist of the pre-Stonewall GLBT and LGBT civil rights movements, Artemis Smith, now also known as ArtemisSmith Morpurgo, is a still-living Poet, Playwright, Futurist and Digital-media Artist. Besides operating her own successful off-off-Broadway workshop that gave rise to many of today’s vintage Film and Television celebrities, in the 1950-60’s she was the first author to tell the Gay Community at pre-Stonewall 1960’s ECHO Conferences to look toward the Advertising Industry to change the Gay Image, and to hurry up and “Come out of the Closet” or get left out of the civil rights movement. Her many titles are selling worldwide in bookstores as well as on Amazon and BarnesandNoble and her Digital Art is also regularly advertised on eBay.  Her multiple websites are accessed from www.ArtemisSmith.com. Film and television rights to ArtemisSmith’s Memoirs are presently being marketed in benefit of The Savant Garde Institute.  Agents and producers are welcome to inquire by emailing Artemis at [email protected]
Table B27

ASD Publishing asdpublishing.com ASD Publishing is an independent book publisher based in New Jersey specializing in thought-provoking literary fiction, memoir, and self help non-fiction. We opened our doors in spring 2011 with the goal of publishing high quality work with unknown authors—championing the spirit of independence through diversity of genres (including the GLBT experience). Taking a risk on a new author or propelling an existing author into the digital world is ASD’s passion. Being a small publishing house with both fiction and non-fiction allows the company to reach a multitude of readers and gives authors an alternative to traditional publishing. ASD has a mission to be a strong voice for the indie author in the new age of publishing by concentrating on intriguing and arresting writing of both new and established authors. Authors willing to take a risk in their writing while demonstrating stories of personal growth. We offer a unique relationship with our authors that treat them as a partner in their own work with the publishing house as we nurture and develop their product.      Table A27

Tom Baker Books

Tom Baker Books tombakerbooks.com The Sound of One Horse Dancing by Tom Baker Twenty-seven-year-old Tim Halladay is a rising star in the three-martini lunch world of Madison Avenue in the early 1970s. In only five years, Tim has become a vice-president at the first ad agency he interviewed with, in charge of some of the most prestigious accounts listed in ADVERTISING AGE. But a week before Thanksgiving, his life takes a serious hit. After a hard-drinking, sex-filled night, Tim, the “golden boy,” arrives late to work. He suddenly finds himself fired without explanation. With three hundred dollars in his savings account. Tim wonders how he’ll even pay the rent. As Tim comes to terms with his unemployment, he reminisces about his life and the circumstances that have brought him to this crucial crossroads.  Everything in his life – his emotionally unstable upbringing, his service in the army during the troubled years of the Vietnam War, his affair with a high school girlfriend, his experiences at William and Mary during the JFK and LBJ years, his relocation to Manhattan in the 1970s, his first job in the world of advertising, and his adventures as a closeted gay man in the Stonewall Era Greenwich Village – contributed to both the downfall and redemption of Tim Halladay.    Table B25

Belhue Press logoBelhue Press perrybrass.com Since 1991, publisher of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and short stories about the greater gay experience for LGBT people and their friends.   Table A4 …. …….SPONSOR .




Bench Press

Bench Press benchpresspoetry.com  poetry that exerts pressure at every point, and so achieves a momentary rest
Table A34

.Bialo PublicationsBialo Publications, Inc. bialopublications.com is an small independent book publisher based in Syracuse, NY.  Established in 2008 our main focus is representing local women’s voices in the areas of poetry and fiction. Our most recent 2011 publication is entitled Women Voices: An Anthology of Poetry and Short Stories by local Central New York authors.     Table A1 …….SPONSOR— 

       bibliogaybibliogay Lulu.com/bibliogay Gay History—Texts and Translations Table B32

Blood Moon Productions

Blood Moon Productions bloodmoonproductions.com is a New York-based publishing enterprise dedicated to researching, salvaging, and indexing the oral histories of America’s entertainment industry. Reorganized with its present name in 2004, Blood Moon originated in 1997 as The Georgia Literary Association, a vehicle for the promotion of obscure writers from America’s Deep South. Blood Moon’s authors, administration, and staff are associated with some of the writing, research, and editorial functions of THE FROMMER GUIDES, a subdivision of John Wiley & Sons, a respected name in travel publishing. Blood Moon also maintains a back list of at least 20 critically acclaimed biographies and film guides. Its titles are distributed within North America and Australia by the National Book Network (www.NBNBooks.com), within the U.K. by Turnaround (www.Turnaround-uk.com), and through secondary wholesalers and online retailers everywhere. Since 2004, Blood Moon has been awarded almost 20 nationally recognized literary prizes. They’ve included both silver and bronze medals from the IPPY (Independent Publishers Assn.) Awards; four nominations and two Honorable Mentions for BOOK OF THE YEAR from Foreword Reviews; nominations from The Ben Franklin Awards; and Awards and Honorable Mentions from the New England, the Los Angeles, the Paris, the New York, the San Francisco, and the Hollywood Book Festivals. Table A13

BluestockingsBluestockings Books bluestockings.com a bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We carry over 6000 titles on topics such as queer and gender studies, global capitalism, feminism, police and prisons, democracy studies, and black liberation. You can also find some good ‘ole smutty fiction. We also carry magazines, zines, journals, alternative menstrual products and other oddly hard-to-find good things.We host readings, workshops, performances, discussions and films almost every night. Please see our events calendar for details on upcoming events, and when visiting the store, take a look at our community bulletin board to learn about other events happening around the city. Our cafe offers delightful organic, vegan, and fair trade goodness.  We’ve got darn good coffee brimming with zapatismo.   Table A23.

Boylston PressBoylston Press nativemoments.com founded in 2010, is an independent publisher under the direction of Robert Chiarelli, former Publisher and Vice President at John Wiley & Sons, Inc., where he held various international and domestic positions during the last 28 years. Boylston Press débuted with the novel of Michael Derison, Native Moments.   Table A14 …………………………...T

Prodigy Publishing GroupRahiem Brooks—Prodigy Publishing Group www.prodigypublishinggroup.com Rahiem Jerome Brooks is the breakout novelist with an overwhelming reservoir of criminal tales that motivate American denizen to be overprotective with their personal data, i.e. social security number, pin number, and account number. He is a member of the Mystery Writer’s of America, and his debut street thriller, LAUGH NOW won 2010 African-Americans on the Move Book Club’s Book of the Year & he earned 2011 AAMBC Author of the Year. LAUGH NOW also the Most Creative Plot at the DMV Expo’s Creative Excellent Awards. Rahiem was also nominated as Self-Published Author of the Year at the 2011 African-American Literary Awards. Since 1995, Rahiem Brooks has done hundreds of interviews with con men and swindlers in county, state and federal prisons; after all, he was locked down in them, too. He spawned tougher white collar crimes law and the Truncated Act.     Table B34

Clifford Browder

Clifford Browder The Pleasuring of Men (Gival Press, 2011) www.givalpress.com is Clifford Browder’s fourth book and first novel.  In New York City in the late 1860s, Tom Vaughan, a respectably raised young man, chooses to become a male prostitute servicing the city’s affluent elite, then falls in love with Walter Whiting, a renowned scholar and lecturer who proves to be his most difficult client.  Having long wrestled with feelings of shame and guilt, Whiting, a married man, at first resents Tom’s easy acceptance of his own sexuality.  Their story unfolds in the clandestine and precarious gay underworld of the time, which is vividly imagined here.  Through a series of encounters – some exhilarating, some painful, some mysterious –Tom learns with both his body and his mind, until an unexpected act of violence provokes a final resolution. All Browder’s fiction deals with New York City 1830-1880, an interest first inspired by background research for his biographies of the Wall Street speculator Daniel Drew and the notorious abortionist Madame Restell.  He is also the author of a critical study of the French Surrealist poet André Breton.
Table B24

Trample AIDS

Don Carrel www.TrampleAIDS.com Don Carrel has been living with AIDS since 1995. He suspects he was infected with HIV in 1981. Thirty years later, less than 2 percent of people with HIV have lived long enough to share their stories. In 1995, while lying in a hospital bed with Pneumocystis carinni pneumonia, the most common form of death for someone with AIDS, Don had a riveting dream that dramatically altered his life and, perhaps the future lives of more than 100,000 teenagers. After making a full recovery, Don set out to teach young people what they needed to know about HIV prevention so that they wouldn’t wind up in his shoes. His lofty goal: to stomp out AIDS. After sixteen years, Don has collected thousands of thank-you letters from teens and adults who have heard his compelling presentations. Today, Don hopes to reach an even wider audience with his book, My Dream to Trample AIDS.     Table A32

Chelsea Station Editions chelseastationeditions.com is an independent press devoted to gay literature founded in 2010 by Jameson Currier. Among the authors the press has published are debut writers David Pratt, Craig Moreau, Michael Graves, and Corey Rosenberg, and veterans Felice Picano, Walter Holland, Charles Silverstein, Wesley Gibson, and Jon Marans. In November 2011, the press launched Chelsea Station, a new literary magazine of gay writing.   Table A2 …………………………………………..SPONSOR…………

CircumspectPressCircumspect Press kerganedwards-stout.com/circumspect-press devoted to telling empowering and entertaining stories of the gay experience, Circumspect Press was established to support the writing of Kergan Edwards-Stout and other select authors. Our first title, Edwards-Stout’s debut novel Songs for the New Depression, is a finalist in the LGBTQ category of the 2011 Indie Lit Awards.  Mr. Edwards-Stout looks forward to attending the Rainbow Book Fair, where he will be autographing copies of his novel.     Table A31

CLAGSThe Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies web.gc.cuny.edu/clags provides a platform and encourages intellectual leadership in addressing issues that affect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals and other sexual and gender minorities. As the first university-based LGBT research center in the United States, CLAGS nurtures cutting-edge scholarship; organizes colloquia for examining and affirming LGBT lives; and fosters network-building among academics, artists, activists, policy makers, and community members. CLAGS stands committed to maintaining a broad program of public events, online projects, and fellowships that promote reflection on queer pasts, presents, and futures. CLAGS makes its home at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016.     Table A17 ………SPONSOR…………

Kristofer Clarke   Table B34

Larry Closs

Larry Closs www.larrycloss.com Beatitude (Rebel Satori Press, 2011)  is Larry Closs’ debut novel. In New York City, 1995, Harry Charity is a sensitive young loner haunted by a disastrous affair when he meets Jay Bishop, an outgoing poet and former Marine. Propelled by a shared fascination with the unfettered lives of Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation, the two are irresistibly drawn together, even as Jay’s girlfriend, Zahra, senses something deeper developing. Reveling in their discovery of the legendary scroll manuscript of Kerouac’s On the Road in the vaults of the New York Public Library, Harry and Jay embark on a nicotine-and-caffeine-fueled journey into New York’s thriving poetry scene of slams and open-mike nights. An encounter with “Howl” poet Allen Ginsberg shatters their notions of what it means to be Beat but ultimately and unexpectedly leads them into their own hearts where they’re forced to confront the same questions that confounded their heroes: What do you do when you fall for someone who can’t fall for you? What do you do when you’re the object of affection? What must you each give up to keep the other in your life? Beatitude features two previously unpublished poems by Allen Ginsberg.   Table B24

Table A31. Dreamspinner PressDreamspinner Press dreamspinnerpress.com is an independent publisher specializing in gay romantic fiction with print, eBook, and audiobook titles. It publishes everything from short stories to full-length novels and multi-novel series in genres including contemporary, historical, mystery and suspense, science fiction, fantasy and paranormal, BDSM/kink, steampunk, transgender, Western, and humor, along with its own Bittersweet Dreams, Timeless Dreams, and Itineris lines. Founded in January 2007, Dreamspinner Press has more than 300 authors from six continents and nearly 1,000 titles. Its website has nearly 10,000 registered users, and readers can receive information about new releases through Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Library Thing, various Yahoo! groups, and the Dreamspinner Press blog and monthly newsletter. Dreamspinner Press supports the GLBT community through sponsorship of Rainbow Book Fair and local Pride festivals, and contributes a portion of profits to: Family Equity Council, COLAGE, USA Cares, Service Members Legal Defense Network, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center NYC, Lambda Legal, and Mass Equality. …….SPONSOR………….  
Table A10  
and   Table A11

Rena Dunsworth

Rena Dunsworth renasbookblog.blogspot.com In The Girl, the Moon, and the Melon Henry Bloom wants to be a girl, and he prays and prays for transformation. God hears his prayer and sends a young angel to answer it. So begins the adventures of Henrietta Bloom. But if she is to achieve the happiness she has always longed for in her new body, there are some things she has to do. Henrietta must avoid the traps of the devil-which is harder than it sounds when he is forcing you into a limo at gunpoint. She also has to accept that she is a lesbian with a mission to stop gay people from experiencing hell when they die by changing the laws of heaven and earth. Luckily for Henrietta, she has her best friend, her true love, her landlord, and Oscar Wilde all ready to help her recreate the world in love and hope. Author Rena Dunsworth tumbles together modern religion, ancient deities and a fresh perspective in an exuberant escapade that defies convention on every level. Rena Dunsworth grew up in the Denver metro area and now lives in Manhattan. She was motivated to write The Girl, the Moon, and the Melon as a response to the oppression of gays by various religions. She is currently at work on a sequel, which picks up with Henrietta and Amy in Rio and follows them as they return to New York and the mythical realms beyond. Publisher’s website: Strategic Publishing Group.com—TheGirl, the Moon and The Melon.     Table B20 ..


FAQNP faqnp.com publishes A Queer Nerd Publicationa magazine about and for queer nerds, who feel outside the mainstreaming of queer culture. Themes of the issues include: obsessions, early personal computing, travel, science fiction, and fantasy.    Table A30

The Feminist PressThe Feminist Press www.feministpress.org is an independent nonprofit literary publisher that promotes freedom of expression and social justice. We publish exciting writing by women and men who share an activist spirit and a belief in choice and equality. Founded in 1970, we began by rescuing “lost” works by writers such as Zora Neale Hurston and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and established our publishing program with books by American writers of diverse racial and class backgrounds. Since then we have also been bringing works from around the world to North American readers. We seek out innovative, often surprising books that tell a different story.       Table B21

Firehouse Publishing firehousepublications.com Though Firehouse Publishing is a relatively new enterprise founded in 2010, we have over 25 titles to our credit, some via larger print houses like Schiffer Publishing and Green Candy Press. We focus on three main genre; figurative fine art books, educational titles, and humor. Our most popular projects include titles like 100 Artists of the Male Figure, and the quarterly series The Art of Man, now in its 8th edition. Our books are carried by boutique bookstores, larger traditional stores, and major museums like MoMA of NYC.      Table A28 

The FIRE!! Press www.firepress.com publishes a quality reproduction of FIRE!!, a literary landmark of the Harlem Renaissance, original copies of which are excessively rare. It included Bruce Nugent’s “Smoke, Lilies and Jade”–the first published work by an African American writer to openly celebrate same-sex desire between men. The FIRE!! Press also sells books of gay and black interest. Table not assigned yet

Galaxias Productions arthurwooten.com Galaxias is a multimedia company encompassing the publishing of books in multiple genres as well as creating and producing works for theatre, film and television. A strong voice in the GLBT community, its published novels include Arthur Wooten’s On Picking Fruit, Fruit Cocktail and Birthday Pie as well as his collections of letters and short stories titled, Arthur Wooten’s Shorts. Other 2011 releases include the novel Leftovers and the children’s book, Wise Bear William: A New Beginning illustrated by Bud Santora. 2012 promises to be a stellar year with the addition of two new novels, the next installment of Wise Bear William and three screenplays. Galaxias Productions prides itself in encouraging and succeeding in crossing over their GLBT titles into mainstream while maintaining their distinctive and honest voices.   Table A27

The Gay & Lesbian Review The Gay & Lesbian Review www.glreview.com The Mission of The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide (G&LR) is to provide a forum for enlightened discussion of issues and ideas of importance to lesbians and gay men; to advance gay and lesbian culture by providing a quality vehicle for its best writers and thinkers; and to educate a broader public on gay and lesbian topics.       Table A16

GNYIPA Greater New York Independent Publishers Association gnyipa.blogspot.com offers personal support and promotional opportunities for small press publishers, self-published writers, people in the book arts (editors, designers, publicists), and people planning to write and publish books. GNYIPA helps sponsor group tables at book fairs, events and readings, as well as group efforts to help your work and career.      Table A19

GO Magazine

GO Magazine www.gomag.com The cultural roadmap for city girls everywhere. GO! is the nation’s most widely read free lesbian publication, distributed in 25 cities across the United States.

DarylHill_Trans_TorontoDarryl Hill lulu.com//trans-toronto Many social theorists claim that the end of the 20th century was the beginning of the “postmodern” era, a time in which many time-honoured ideas were rejected. Trans Toronto explores the claim that trans people demonstrate a wide-spread repudiation of modern conceptions of selfhood and gender. But the opinions of those who live trans lives have yet to be explored. How do trans people understand gender? What do they think of the assertions of postmodern gender theory? Trans Toronto documents answers to these questions in an oral history of Toronto’s trans communities at the end of the 20th century telling the story of gender and sex in the context of dramatic cultural and historical change. Table B31

Tara Theresa Hill gayfamilylife.wordpress.com was raised by her gay mother, her mother’s partner, and her father in New York in the mid-1990s.  An advocate of marriage equality, she enjoys sharing her stories and experiences in an effort to open people up to the realities of being raised by a gay parent.  Tara maintains a blog about her experiences at gayfamilylife.wordpress.com.  She lives in New York with her husband, George, and her parakeet, Skye. Her children’s book What Can You Do With Two Mommies is about Annie a little girl growing up in a house with two Mommies and a big, orange cat named Pumpkin.  Annie has always had two Mommies.  But when Annie’s new best friend, Emily, starts asking why she doesn’t have a Daddy, Annie starts wondering if her parents are different from other kids’ parents.  As Annie talks to Emily about her life with Mommy Susan and Mommy Sharon, they both discover that in the end, it is love that makes a family. What Can You Do With Two Mommies is available through lulu at lulu.com/product/paperback/what-can-you-do-with-two-mommies/18858001

Ian Young Books  ianyoungbooks.com is a Toronto-based bookseller specializing in author-signed GLBT books, also acts as distributor for Sykes Press, Catalyst and Cythoera Press titles.     Table A33

JMS BooksJMS Books LLC jms-books.com is owned and operated by author J.M. Snyder. We publish a variety of genres, including gay erotic romance, fantasy, young adult (published under the imprint Queerteen Press), poetry, and nonfiction. Short stories and novellas are available as e-books and compiled into single-author print anthologies, while any story over 30k in length is available in both print and e-book formats. Visit us at our website for our latest releases and submission guidelines!      Table A35

K. Murry Johnson kmurryjohnson.com In his breakout novel, K. Murry Johnson combines two never before paired genres: black gay and vampire fiction. Set in Louisiana, Image of Emeralds and Chocolate masterfully explores the past and the present. The novel speaks to all who have ever dreamed of finding romance, and captures the national obsession with vampires. The story follows Eric Peterson, a talented high school senior enrolled in a creative writing course at Loyola University. Insecure and inexperienced, he often daydreams about finding love. His fantasies quickly become reality when a strikingly attractive new student, Marquis LeBlanc, is assigned as his writing partner. But the man of Eric’s dreams is hiding something. Marquis has been severely depressed for a very long time. His therapeutic motive for enrolling in a writing class is abruptly derailed when he unexpectedly falls in love for the second time in his life. If Marquis reveals his secret, will Eric accept him…or even believe him? K. Murry Johnson holds masters degrees from Rollins
 College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He earned his
 undergraduate degree from Loyola University New Orleans. Image of Emeralds and Chocolate represents the culmination of a 13-year journey: to create a unique and meaningful black gay love story that
 brings to life the seductive, elusive world of vampires. He
 lives with his boyfriend in Atlanta, Georgia.         Table A26

KIN Arts Press

KIN Arts Press kinartspress.blogspot.com is the publishing arm of KIN Poetry Journal. Founded by Wendy Chin-Tanner, Uche Ogbuji and Eric Norris in 2012, KIN aims to bring the reader the best contemporary poetry written in English. With contributors and correspondents scattered across the globe, KIN offers readers daily, weekly and monthly, interviews, reviews and poetry from around the world. Our styles may vary, our politics may sometimes clash, but we are united by one thing: a passion for poetry. Drop by the KIN Arts Press table for a preview of the future. KIN launches on April 1st. “Where literature comes to life”
Table A34

Lambda Literary Foundation

The Lambda Literary Foundation www.lambdaliterary.org nurtures, celebrates, and preserves LGBT literature through programs that honor excellence, promote visibility and encourage development of emerging writers.      Table A6 ………SPONSOR…………

Gay Conversations with GodJames Alexander Langteaux—Gay Conversations with God www.gayconversations.com Gay Conversations with God is an unorthodox presentation of an outrageous love story written for the least likely tribe – a group of God’s beautiful sons and daughters who have been told over and over that they are abominable and despised. But make no mistake. GCWG is no fairy tale and it’s not only for gays and lesbians but for anyone who is sickened by the hateful, money-grubbing Christian brand “As seen on TV”  It is the authentic good news that so many are dying to read.
I am not afraid. I was born to do this.—Joan of Arc              Table B28

latino latina queer writers collective logo

Latino/Latina Queer Writers Collective  brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all writers who identify as queer and Latina/o to promote, nurture, develop, advance their written word. The collective welcomes new writers to the scene and strives to help lit-event organizers find new voices and talent.   Table B17

Lavender PulpLavenderPulp www.lavenderpulp.com celebrates, collects and preserves Vintage Lesbian Pulp Fiction Books from the 1950s and 60s. The online bookstore LavenderPulp.com offers these rare collectible novels (not reproductions) in elegant Gift Sets. These pocket size gems, over 50 years old, are now recognized as invaluable pieces of gay and lesbian history. They not only show us where we’ve been but also how far we’ve come. For all its flaws, the Golden Era of Lesbian Pulp offered many women the first understanding that they were not alone.    Table A21

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian ArtLeslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art leslielohman.org  Now accredited as the first dedicated LGBTQ art museum in the world, the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art began as the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation founded by Charles W. Leslie and Fritz Lohman, and for more than 20 years has supported gay and lesbian artists. Our mission is to exhibit, preserve and foster the creation of LGBTQ art and artists which speaks directly to a gay and lesbian experience, including erotic, political, romantic and social imagery. We embrace this rich creative history by informing, inspiring, entertaining and challenging all who enter our doors. Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art has a permanent collection of more than 6,000 objects spanning more than three centuries of queer art. Our programs include regularly scheduled exhibitions in our gallery, video events, workshop presentation of plays, artists’ and curator’s talks, panel discussions, THE ARCHIVE-a quarterly newsletter focusing on LGBTQ art and artists, a membership program, a research library and an archive of the permanent collection. Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art is the premier resource for anyone interested in the rich legacy of the LGBTQ community and its influence on and confrontation with the mainstream art world. A non-profit organization, the museum is committed to offering all of its exhibitions with no admission charge.    Table A20

Less Yahn Three PressLess Than Three Press LLC www.lessthanthreepress.com is an independent publisher of romantic gay fiction in ebook, print, and serial formats. LT3 offers story of quality and range to its readers, and prides itself on being a press with a personal touch. Be assured that LT3 will always know the way to your heart.    Table A22

. Lethe PressLethe Press lethepressbooks.com is an independent publishing house specializing in speculative fiction, books of gay interest, poetry, spirituality, as well as classic works of the occult & supernatural. Named after the Greek river of memory and forgetfulness (and pronounced Lee-Thee), Lethe Press is devoted to ideas that are often neglected or forgotten by mainstream publishers. Lethe Press was founded in 2001 by author Steve Berman. Its title list now includes over 150 titles.      Table A7 …….SPONSOR

love you divine Alterotica

loveyoudivine Alterotica www.loveyoudivine.com is a niche publisher dedicated to GLBT titles written by authors who live the lifestyle.    Table A24

ManLove Romance

ManLove Romance (MLR) www.mlrpress.com Owned by best-selling, award-winning author Laura Baumbach, MLR Press offers the highest quality stories to readers of our genre, mainly gay fiction and erotic romance. MLR Press publishes books that span the range from historical settings to futuristic ones, and everything in between. We have new worlds, mysteries, vampires, aliens and ghosts that entertain and delight. We take readers on amazing adventures through the creative minds of a small, select group of bright, uniquely talented authors and artists. From lust-filled, stolen moments to long, lazy afternoons of lovemaking to intriguing mysteries and fantasies, we have the adventures you’re looking for wrapped up in solid plots with heroes you can love with a passion. Maybe even hate with a passion, but passion will be a part of it. Our authors are skilled wordsmiths who weave tales of mayhem, lust and romance that will set your heart pounding and your temperature rising. Intriguing, erotic, sometimes explicit, but always enticing novels filled with action, suspense and sultry goodness. You know you want to. Go ahead. Read us. Reading IS man’s second favorite activity to do in bed.
Table A37

Magnus BooksMagnus Books www.magnusbooks.com Founded in 2010, Magnus Books is a leading publisher of LGBT books. Among our many authors are David Mixner, Edmund White, Urvashi Vaid, Alan Cumming, Keith Boykin, Rev. Mel White, Samuel R. Delany, and Charles Rice-Gonzalez. Magnus takes its name from the Latin word for “great” but also stands as a historical nod to the gay German human rights activist and pioneer in the field of sexual research Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. We therefore aspire to greatness through books that challenge, engage, and entertain readers in the areas of gender and sexuality.     Table B18
Book Signings at Magnus Books Table:

Charles Rice-Gonzalez  
dmund White   1:30pm
Samuel R. Delany

Annemarie Monahan annemarie-monahan.com Three (PM/Flashpoint Press, 2012) One yellow April morning, a 17-year-old girl asks herself, “Do I dare to eat a peach?” What she decides will send her life in one of three radically different directions. That morning is long past. Now she is forty-one. On one life path, she calls herself Ántonia. She’s barely survived the implosion of a lesbian Utopian commune, one built on an abandoned oil rig. Her lost Eden built by Eves. On another path, she is Katherine, a physician. Memory of two lovers chafes her like a hair shirt. After the death of one, she contacts the other: the deeply religious Amanda. On a third, she is Kitty. She’s been happily married for twenty-three years. Happily enough. Until her professor asks her for coffee and kisses her. Who are we? Who haven’t we been? Have we dared? Three of one woman’s possible lives are about to collide. As beautifully written as it is thought-provoking, Three is literature for grown-ups. It is for anyone who has ever yearned­– for a person, for a better world, for the whisper of the sacred. As one advance reader wrote, “If Woolf, Winterson, and Russ set sail for that lighthouse together, the result might be Three.”
Table B28

The New York TimesThe New York Times www.nytimes.com is an American daily newspaper founded and continuously published in New York City since 1851. The New York Times has won 106 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any news organization.[3] Its website is the most popular American online newspaper website, receiving more than 30 million unique visitors per month.

Next Door MagazineNext Door Magazine www.nextdoormagazine.com is smart and sophisticated, without abandoning the entertaining and erotic – an adult magazine for adults that isn’t about age, but Maturity. ……..SPONSOR—     Table B16

Next MagazineNEXT Magazine www.nextmagazine.com is “New York’s Gay Guide”—a weekly comprehensive lifestyle resource for all gay New Yorkers, regardless of skin color, ethnic background or economic status. Since 1991, we have aimed to highlight both the popular and under the radar events, personalities and products that appeal to such a diverse range of gay men, especially when those stories are about gay New Yorkers themselves. Colorful, fun and always with a good sense of humor, Next’s provocative commentary on nightlife, entertainment, politics, fashion, sports and celebrity informs its community and engages its readers in order to help the Big Apple maintain its vital and supportive gay legacy. Next Magazine is available on a weekly basis throughout New York City, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Fire Island, Provincetown and Rehoboth and 24/7 internationally through its web component.        Table A15 …..MEDIA SPONSOR

Loren Olson

Loren Olson www.FinallyOutBook.com Finally Out: Letting Go of LIving Straight, a Psychiatrist’s Own Story is more than a captivating tale of one man’s coming out in mid-life.  Drawing on his career as a psychiatrist, Olson peers at his youth through a fresh lens that places his life in the context of gay history.  It reveals what is is like for a mature gay man to love someone authentically and with a whole heart.  Finally Out is a carefully reasoned and deeply comforting book for all gay men, not just those who are trying to get right with themselves. It is also for the all the people who love them and those who counsel them.  Accessible and inspirational.      Table B25

Alina OswaldAlina Oswald www.alina-arts.com is a writer/photographer covering unconventional, often inconvenient and sometimes taboo topics that populate human reality and fantasy. Having documenting the LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities for a decade and counting, Oswald’s works have appeared in related publications and art shows, including A&U Magazine, Go NYC, Out IN Jersey, and also Visual AIDS gallery, Leslie-Lohman and in the National AIDS Museum. Alina Oswald is the author of several books, including Journeys Through Darkness, a Biography of AIDS; Backbone, a photography collection celebrating the courage of unsung heroes of the LGBT and AIDS communities; Vampire Fantasies and The Awakening. Also visit alinaoswald.blogspot.com.      Table A32

Other CountriesOther Countries Begun in 1986 in New York City, Other Countries is a black, gay men’s writing collective. Its peer-facilitated writing workshop meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 6pm to 9pm at LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street Manhattan.
Table B29

Pagan Prss BooksPagan Press paganpressbooks.com was founded in 1982 to “publish books of interest to the intelligent gay man.” Table B33

Perfectbound PressPerfectbound Press perfectboundpress.com was started in 2009 by David Stein to publish high-quality erotica and nonfiction about BDSM and Mastery/slavery primarily by and for gay men. David’s own Ask the Man Who Owns Him: The real lives of gay Masters and slaves comprises nonfiction profiles of 16 M/s couples and triads who had been together at least three years when they were interviewed; it won the National Leather Association-International’s 2010 Geoff Mains Award for Nonfiction. Boots, Bondage, and Beatings collects shorter leathersex fiction David wrote since his massive novel, Carried Away: An S/M Romance, was published in 2002 by Daedalus (this will also be for sale at the Perfectbound Press table). In 2010, PP published The Slave Journals and Other Tales of the Old Guard, a novella and 17 short stories by Thom Magister, best known for his essay about the 1950s, “One Among Many,” in the landmark anthology Leatherfolk edited by Mark Thompson. And the most recent PP title is Winner Takes All, a collection of Master/slave fantasies by the prolific gay author Christopher Pierce. The last two titles are also available as ebooks from Amazon.com, BN.com, and iTunes. More PP books are in the works!    Table B15

Purple Palm Media

Purple Palm Media purplepalmmedia.com is an independent publishing label based in Columbus, OH focusing on both print and digital publications. Purple Palm’s goal is to focus on audience-friendly mainstream works with a decidedly LGBT focus. Purple Palm’s first fiction series follows the adventures of Gabriel Patrick–a gay former art history professor turned treasure hunting adventurer. (With help from his lesbian best friend and FBI agent, Molly.) The first two novels in the series are Chasing the Light and The Shadow of Isis, with the third currently in development.   Table A25


Rainbow eBooks rainbowebooks.com is an online community eBookstore dealing exclusively in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer eBook titles. We are here to promote the GLBTQ genre and further GLBTQ literary content. All of the titles on our shelves are first and foremost, thematically Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer in subject matter. We offer a permanent bookshelf and unlimited access, in all available formats including; ePUB, PDF, PRC, MOBI, LIT and HTML. Local GLBTQ bookstores have always been an important place of acceptance, education and enjoyment in our communities. Rainbow eBooks was designed to honor that spirit while providing the convenience and cost effectiveness of eBooks and internet ordering. Sign up for our Newsletter or “Like” us on Facebook for information on Discounts, Giveaways and Specials!      Table A12 …….SPONSOR………….

Rainbow Romance WritersRainbow Romance Writers www.rainbowromancewriters.com is the home of professional authors of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender romances. As career-focused members of the romance community, we love to write passionate, sensual, sweet, and sometimes erotic glimpses of love between LGBT characters. Our goals are to promote excellence in LGBT romance writing, to help members succeed as artists and professionals, to advocate passionately for our rapidly expanding market online as well as at events both LGBT and romance-related, and to provide a dynamic resource for our members, the media, and the publishing industry. Our members come from all walks of life but a love of literature is a common bond that connects us. As an active chapter of the Romance Writers of America, we continue to push for research, awareness, and education in unexpected communities. We are changing minds, one heart at a time!      Table A9 …….SPONSOR….

Reed MassengillReed Massengill   is a widely published writer and photographer whose work spans the genres of biography (The Art of George Quaintance, 2010 and Portrait of a Racist, 1994, 1997), corporate history (Becoming American Express, 2000) and photography (Brian: A Nine-Year Photographic Diary, 2000; Massengill Men, 1997; and Massengill, 1996). As a passionate collector, curator and editor, during the past decade he has produced a number of critically acclaimed volumes of photography, including Uncovered: Rare Vintage Male Nudes (2009), Self-Exposure: The Male Nude Self-Portrait (2005), The Male Ideal: Lon of New York and the Masculine Physique (2003), Champion (2003), and Roy Blakey’s ‘70s Male Nudes (2001). As a photographer of the male nude, in addition to three monographs his work has been widely published and exhibited in the United States and abroad. His images are included in a number of important photographic anthologies, including The Nude Male: 21st Century Visions (2008), The Romantic Male Nude (2007), Male Nude Now (2001), and Exposed (2000). He is an avid collector of vintage male nude photography, with a particular focus on images from the era of classic physique photography. Because of his numerous books on the subject, his broad knowledge of the field and his extensive library and research files, today museums, gallery owners and private collectors frequently seek his advice when acquiring images, conducting research or seeking attribution.    Table B30

Cassandra Rice   Table B12

Riptide Publishing

Riptide Publishing riptidepublishing.com is a boutique purveyor of some of the finest gay and trans* fiction, romance, and erotica available today. Created by experienced M/M authors who were hungry for top-notch editing and presentation, Riptide Publishing seeks to fill a critical niche in the GLBTQ market: quality books, pristinely packaged, that will satisfy readers’ desires for rich, plotty, well-edited stories for which the author is fairly paid.     Table A36

Seven Stories PressSeven Stories Press www.sevenstories.com founded in 1995, publishes works of the imagination and political titles by voices of conscience. While most widely known for its books on politics, human rights, and social and economic justice, Seven Stories continues to champion literature, with a list encompassing both innovative debut novels and National Book Award–winning poetry collections, as well as prose and poetry in translation.    Table B27

Seventh Window Publications www.SeventhWindow.com is a small press specializing in gay romance and gay erotica. Also visit us at blog.SeventhWindow.com. Table B22

Sibling Rivalry PressSibling Rivalry Press siblingrivalrypress.com is a small publishing house based just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. We survive the red-state-getting-redder blues by reading Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, Gavin Dillard, and Antler. We learned the secret of life by memorizing Vytautas Pliura and Dennis Cooper. We realized we weren’t alone when Harold Norse whispered sweet verse in our ears. Simply put, brave souls who weren’t afraid to bleed their souls onto the page saved our lives. Now it’s time for us to give back. The mission of Sibling Rivalry Press is to develop, promote, and market underground artistic talent—those who don’t quite fit into the mainstream. Our vision? To create literary and poetic rock stars.      Table A3 …….SPONSOR—      

   BackwoodsNatty Soltesz nattysoltesz.com Natty Soltesz’sdebut book Backwoods (Queer Mojo, 2011) was recently announced as a Lambda Award finalist. Conceived as a gay-themed erotic take on Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio, Backwoods is a novel-in-stories of the steamy underside of rural America; the back roads, back doors and back rooms of a town called Groom, Pennsylvania. Secrets are sacred in a place where one’s business is everyone’s business, and Backwoods bares them all. Featuring nine beautiful black and white illustrations by master erotic illustrator Michael Kirwan, Backwoods is by turn poignant and pornographic, romantic and raunchy, tender and titillating.    Table B31

 Storm Moon PressStorm Moon Press LLC stormmoonpress.com  is an independent micropublisher specializing in GLBT and alternative lifestyle genre fiction with an emphasis on erotica and erotic romance.      Table A29

Nancy Soltez   Table B31

Top Pen Press

Top Pen Press www.toppenpress.com The Pinnacle of POC Queer Publishing, Top Pen Press publishes work that illuminates, confronts and perplexes perceptions of queer people of color. The goal of the press is to foster greater personal and intellectual investigation and understanding of the complexities of lives outside the heterosexual, American mainstream by publishing meticulously well-written literary novels, short story and essay collections, anthologies, as well as poetry.  Top Pen Press seeks to introduce and promote the most provocative and creative writers of these new queer times.     Table B19

Vanda www.vandawriter.com Lammyfinalist, VILE AFFECTIONS is a play by Vanda. It is the true story of Benedetta Carlini, a seventeenth century abbess, who is broughtup on charges of false mysticism.  It is only when Benedetta begins to upset the church that government officiala are forced to investigate. The investigators seek the truth, but the truth they uncover shakes their world beyond anything they could have imagined. This is the story of the first written record of a lesbian relationship. Also visit my blogspot http:julianathenovel.com    Table B23

Vintage Equity press

Vintage Entity Press vepress.com Originally a publisher of limited edition chapbooks, Vintage Entity Press (VEP) was founded in 1985 with the goal of providing the world with thought-provoking literature that challenged social and cultural norms. Today, the press has expanded to feature innovative works by an assortment of poets, fictionists, academics and essayists who see the value in working with a small press. Collectively, VEP books are infused with concern about social, spiritual, sexual, racial and political issues. Our writers foreground the experiences and contributions of people of color within the global community. Our philosophy is that books, regardless of the subject, should be both informative and entertaining; both educational and pleasurable. VEP spotlights some of the world’s most gifted wordsmiths and offers a venue to create high quality books. Our books can be found in libraries, classrooms, and private collections, nationally and internationally. We invite you to read our books. Our award-winning authors include Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, Steven G. Fullwood, G. Winston James, Herukhuti, Curu Necos-Bloice, and Pamela Sneed.      Table B19

  Vintage Paper StoreVintage Paper Store scours the world for the finest images and create singularly remarkable greeting cards for discerning customers, like you, who seek out the exceptional. As our collection grows, we’ll have cards that celebrate weddings, birthdays, graduation, Christmas and Chanukah, Valentine’s Day and many other special occasions. We have photographs selected to create special collections of note cards that we’re quite excited about, and we’re producing a 2013 calendar celebrating LGBT authors. With our focus always on the most striking and artful photographs, we plan on producing greeting cards for all types of customers—just folks who love pretty pictures.…..Table A5

Visual AIDS www.thebody.com/visualaids utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving a legacy, because AIDS is not over. Visual AIDS is the only contemporary arts organization fully committed to HIV prevention and AIDS awareness through producing and presenting visual art projects, while assisting artists living with HIV/AIDS. We are committed to preserving and honoring the work of artists with HIV/AIDS and the artistic contributions of the AIDS movement. We embrace diversity and difference in our staff, leadership, artists, and audiences.   Table TBA

Women of ChoiceWomen of Choice womenofchoice.com The Lesbian Goddessembodied the name “Women of Choice” to  signify the choices in life that we as women dare to explore. Our mission is to go beyond the realm of women’s comfort zones and normalcy by providing exotic adventures, unexplained pleasures, new and exciting ideas and inexplicable desires. Women of Choice is comprised of those who appreciate the Art of Loving and challenge the Brave at Heart by being more than average and who crave distinction.   Table B12


Co-Op Table ExhibitorsTable A18 These Exhibitors will not be present at RBF, but theirs books and sales material will be exhibited at our volunteer-staffed Co-Op Table. Bent PagesBent Pages Bookstore [email protected] NYC’s ONLY LGBT BOOKSTORE! Come visit us! 391 Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, NY 10304 917-952-2448 Hours: Thu-Fri 5 pm–8 pm Sat 12 pm–8 pm     Co-op Table A18 ……………………………………………….

The DigThe Digital Gryphonital Gryphon www.DigitalGryphon.net is an independent micro-publisher specializing in poetry and photography by and for queer folk. 2012 titles include 1 Out Of 10 Therapists: The Poetry of Romanovsky & Phillips Lyrics published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of R&P.       Co-op Table A18 ……………………………….    …………

Building It All from ScrapsBeverly Ann Kessler buildingitallfromscraps.com Building It All from Scraps:  A Gay, Social Work, Love Story by Beverly Ann Kessler. To chase, to embrace, and to savor the deepest passions of her heart, a quirky carpenter’s daughter builds her social work career – and fills the emptiness she has long known—by captivating the love of her life—Carolyn. But Jordan Mathews’ success is short-lived, as her career evolves into an outrageous battle of office politics, where no good deed seems to go unpunished – and where only the power of love survives! A vibrant and playful celebration of gay pride, Building It All From Scraps is a campy fiction that blends love, relationships, friendships and family, with an understanding of gay culture and history. Set at the Jersey Shore in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the story shares the transformation of a shy and ambiguous girl to a professional gay woman, and pits wants vs. expectations, needs vs. loyalties, in this comical construction of life’s loves, and the quest to find true meaning. The author includes a variety of articles about prominent social issues—and especially, those affecting gay people—at the end of the book. These condensed, professional, yet easy-to-understand articles form a reference section that serves as a political history and social commentary for gay people everywhere. But you don’t need to use the reference section to enjoy this amusing story about life, and love, fulfilled. A tale that revels in the clash of the sexual revolution, balancing disco community and true love with family life and working class values, Building It All from Scraps is a humorous and solidifying testimonial to all gay people, an educational and informative book for all human service workers, and a great piece of philosophical entertainment for those who are neither. And it lets us know, at the end of the day, that we are all the same. Now available from Xlibris in hard cover, soft cover and e-Book format! Table not assigned yet.     Co-op Table A18

Persona PressPersona Press www.nikosdiaman.com Publishing the work of N. A. Diaman since 1978.This includes seven gay novels, a memoir, and two travel memoirs: Ed Dean Is Queer (1978), The Fourth Wall (1980), Second Crossing (1982), Reunion (1983), Castro Street Memories (1988), Private Nation (1997), Following My Heart (2007), The City (2007), Paris Dreams (2009), and Athens Apartment (2009).     Co-op Table A18

….. Mark Reed—The God HuntersMark Reed—The God Hunters www.thegodhunters.net Would you expect to find a bar of soap or a packaged toothbrush in an alien dimension?  How surprising would it be to see a cell phone in the hands of a demon, or hearing your language spoke by strange beings who defy imagination? And what would you think about taking a stroll down quaint cobblestone streets that boast historic charm yet meander through a futuristic city floating high above the clouds?  Would you leave the safety of your home to see such things? Would curiosity get the best of you? Well it did for David Ruger. Along with his boyfriend, these two young men venture into a universe teeming with advanced alien technology and ancient supernatural power. But what was meant as no more than a brief visit for these two quickly becomes a race against time to save David’s life after a disturbing truth is revealed. Seeking answers, he quickly discovers that the road ahead is paved with an age-old threat to human kind—a threat that has him centered in the crosshairs of a relentless manhunt. Throughout his fantastic voyage, David encounters amazing magical spells wielded alongside high-tech inventions as he and his companions travel across picturesque fantasy worlds hidden just beyond a thin veil of perception. The God Hunters delivers extraordinary action scenes mixed within lush and descriptive locales that are sure to please any fan of the science-fiction and fantasy genre.   Co-op Table A18

Running in Bed

Jeffrey Sharlach—Running in Bed www.runninginbed.com Author Jeffrey Sharlach paints a brilliant picture of life in New York for a gay man at that moment in history. Running in Bed encapsulates the highs and lows of being true to oneself at a time when homosexuality was often considered a disease from which one could be cured. From the New York club scene to summers on Fire Island to the dawn of AIDS, Sharlach writes with humor, poignancy, and charm, presenting characters who are universal in their appeal. Running in Bed’s incomparable, evocative images will resonate with readers, regardless of their personal persuasion. Two Harbors Press, 2012.   Co-op Table A18

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